Plasma Fibroblast

What is Fibroblast?

Fibroblast skin tightening treatments lift and tighten the skin by activating your fibroblast cells. These cells can be found in the dermis. Fibroblast treatments work wonders for anti-aging efforts as fibroblast cells create high levels of collagen and elastin. You may have already heard a lot about collagen and elastin as they are the reason for tightening your skin and maintaining that youthful glow. Once you have high levels of collagen and elastin, you will immediately begin to see long-term skin tightening effects.

How Does Fibroblast Work?

The fibroblast cells are activated by a handheld device, administered by one of our lovely licensed estheticians. The fibroblast treatment device uses voltage in the air and the gases that come from your skin to create a plasma charge. An electrical arc is made to reduce the extra skin in the target area. Your skin tissue will then shrink and tighten to create an anti-aging glow.

Results with this procedure are variable and you’ll have plenty of down time! To rejuvenate your skin’s youthful essence, our experienced nurses create small burns which need time and care to heal properly. If you are thinking about this procedure, please give yourself two weeks of healing time with strict non-sun exposure.

Some of the Best Treatable Areas Include:

  • Neck lifts: treating this area will tighten a sagging neckline without surgical work
  • Eyelids: the thermal energy and voltic arches will tighten your skin, evening out the color, tone and texture of the eyelids
  • Face lifts: this non-surgical option softens and reduces lines, tightens skin along your jaw line, mid-face and upper-face
  • Tummy lift: fibroblast skin tightening works on larger surfaces too! Not just around the face, this treatment will tighten the loose skin around your tummy
  • This treatment also helps with removing pigmentation, skin tags, and scars

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