How Does Micro-Needling Treatment Work?

Micro-needling, or collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive skin enhancement procedure. The micro-needles are designed to puncture the skin at various depths, creating a controlled skin injury that rejuvenates your appearance. The punctured epidermis and dermis create a microscopic channel that allows neocollagenesis to start. Neocollagenesis is the process of making more collagen, which is the protein that gives your skin a tight and youthful appearance. This procedure will also allow for deeper penetration by other products, such as PRF and hyaluronic acids. Get in contact with one of our licensed estheticians to discover if micro-needling treatment is the right route for your skin!

How Does Micro-Needling Enhance Your Appearance?

Micro-needling stimulates the generation of collagen and elastin. With controlled trauma to the skin, our experienced nurses start the process of necollagenesis and highlight the natural beauty in your skin. Micro-needling sessions are usually spaced 3 to 6 weeks apart and can be used safely on all skin types including patients with a history of melasma. We do not perform micro-needling on patients with a history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring, inflammatory dermatoses, history of herpes simplex virus in perioral area, or any type of growth in the target area. Contraindications for micro-needling include scleroderma, collagen vascular disease, clotting disorders, active infection, and immunosuppression.

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